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We are very lucky this year to have the Book Trust Program returning to Pecan Springs Early College Prep. Our Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Graders will get to benefit from this fantastic program. Each student in these grades will be allowed to choose $7 worth of books from the Scholastic Reading Club each month. These books will go home with the students and become part of their home library.

Book Worm


Book Trust Mission

We uniquely deliver choice and ownership of books to children from low-income families, increasing their literacy skills and fostering life-long learning.


Book Trust Vision

We imagine a world where literacy removes barriers and provides all children will the tools necessary to navigate life successfully.

  • Book Trust helps kids fall in love with reading by empowering them to choose and own two to three books from Scholastic Reading Club each month of the school year.

  • The Book Trust Program, created by Book Trust, is a research-based, national literacy program.

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